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Our Services and Clinics

If you are over 65, a carer, suffer with Diabetes, CHD, CKD, COPD or on a certain medication, or an Asthmatic, you are eligible for a free flu vaccination. Clinic dates are to be advised.

Pneumonia Vaccination
Are you over 65 and suffer with Diabetes, CHD, CKD, COPD, if so you are entitled to have the pneumonia vaccination, please contact the surgery to make an appointment.

OVER 75’S Health Check
We are now offering health checks for over 75’s. If you are 75 or over and do not suffer with any serious medical conditions you are eligible to a health check, (any queries please phone and speak with our receptionists). You do not need to see a GP, or you need to do is make an appointment with our Health Care Assistants.

Carers Check
Are you a carer? would you like to have a free health check? you do not need to see a GP, or you need to do is make an appointment with our Health Care Assistants.

Ante-Natal Clinic
Our midwife clinic is held on a Friday mornings between 9:00am – 12:40pm. For further information please check out our pregnancy page.

Health Visitor
Our Health Visitor looks after the 0-5 year olds, their contact telephone numbers are:-

For Mansfield families 01623 785527
For Derbyshire families 01623 742420

Would you like to stop smoking? think of the positive impact it would have on your health and wellbeing let along the money you would save by doing so!

Should you like to speak with an adviser, please call: – 0300 123 1044

“We can help you to become SMOKE FREE FOR LIFE”.

NHS Health Checks
If you are aged 40-74 and with no other chronic disease, you are eligible for an NHS Health check. This is a 20 minute appointment with our Health Care Assistants, where you will be asked a series of questions, your height, weight, and blood pressure will be recorded and will have bloods taken. This check is excellent for patients who are not routinely called in for annual reviews.

Wellness Checks
For patients aged 30-40 who have no other chronic diseases. This is a 20 minute appointment with our Health Care Assistant where you will have a blood pressure check, weight check and exercise/smoking advice if required

Travel Vaccinations
If you require any vaccinations relating to foreign travel you need to complete a travel questionnaire (link below), you will then need to bring the completed travel questionnaire to reception, the nurse will then assess to see which vaccinations are required and will then phone to make an appointment approx 1 month before travel. If you are travelling in under 4 weeks, or you need a Yellow Fever vaccination then you will need to attend the travel clinic in Mansfield (details below) you will need to make an appointment and there is a charge.

The Travel Clinic, 62 Commercial Gate, Mansfield, Notts, NG18 1EU
Phone: 0330 100 4097 or visit their website:-

There is further information about countries and vaccinations required on the links below

Some travel vaccines are ordered on a private prescription and these incur a charge over and above the normal prescription charge. This is because not all travel vaccinations are included in the services provided by the NHS.

Walking for health
FREE – short, easy, local walks available on most days, leaflets are available in reception. The walks are led by trained walk leaders and will take between 60-90 minutes, shorter options will be available with short stops taken during each walk. At the end there is an opportunity to enjoy a cup of tea/coffee and a chat. Walkers coming for the first time will be asked to fill in a short questionnaire. Anyone can come along and its FREE

Sick Notes

“Employees must give their employer a doctor’s ‘fit note’ (sometimes called a ‘sick note’) if they’ve been ill for more than 28 days in a row and have taken sick leave. This includes non-working days, such as weekends and bank holidays”.

If you are off work for 28 days or less, your employer may ask you to confirm that you have been ill by filling in a form yourself when you return to work. This is called a self-certification form (please see the link below).

If you are off work sick for more than 28 days, your employer will normally ask for a fit note (or statement of fitness for work) from you GP or hospital doctor. Fit notes are sometimes referred to as medical statements or a doctor’s note. You will not get this free of charge from your GP unless you have been off work sick for more than 28 days.

When you work out the number of days that you have been sick, you need to count all the days in a row you have been sick, including days you do not normally work such as weekends and bank holidays.

If you need a fit note, contact your GP surgery, or if you are getting hospital treatment, ask for one from your hospital doctor. Your doctor will assess you and if they decide your health affects your fitness for work they can issue a fit note and advise either that a) you are “not fit for work” or b) you “may be fit for work taking into account the following advice”. Your doctor will choose the “may be fit for work” option if they think that your are able to do some work even if it is not your usual job, with support from your employer. Discuss this advice with your employer to see if you can return to work. For example your doctor may suggest possible changes such as:-

  • returning to work gradually – for example by starting part-time
  • temporarily working different hours
  • performing different duties or tasks
  • having other support to do your job, for example if you have back pain, avoiding heavy lifting.
    If your employer is unable to accommodate the changes advised by your GP then the fit note is treated as though it said “unfit for work”.

Fit for work is a free service designed to help people who are off work due to sickness or in work with a health condition. If you have been off or are expecting to be off work for four weeks or more, your employer or doctor may refer you, with your consent, to the Fit for Work service. A Fit for Work professional will then discuss the type of support you need to return to work and produce a “return to work plan” which your employer can accept instead of a fit note. Anyone can access information on work related health issues on the Fit or Works website (link below). You can also chat online to a specialist adviser or call the helpline on 0800 032 6235.


If you feel you are at risk from becoming homeless, help, information and advice is available for you.
If you would like some help and information on who to turn to and where to go, please click on the links below.

If your council is Nottinghamshire County Council please call Mansfield District Council on 01623 463121 or click on the link below:-

or if your council is Bolsover District Council you can phone on 01246 242424 or click on the link below:-

Hearing Aid Batteries

Hearing Aid batteries are now available here at the surgery. Sizes available are 312, 13 and 675.

For replacements just nip into the surgery and speak with our reception team. You will need to bring along your audiology ID card or booklet, without this we are unable to issue replacements.

Thank you

Frailty Assessment
Please click here to view information on frailty assessment